24 Hour Locations

We have convenient 24 hour Easyserve locations across Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

*Please note, lubes only available during opening hours

How to use Ezyserve

  • Have your fuelled your vehicle?
  • Select “No”. If you’re using an EFTPOS card you’ll be asked to choose “cheque, savings or credit account”
  • Please enter your PIN number
  • If you are using a StarCard, which does not require a PIN, just press “OK”
  • Enter your odometer reading.
  • Use the right hand keyboard numbers to enter your reading, then press the “OK” key.
  • Repeat this step to enter vehicle registration and order number if required
  • Select pump number
  • Choose your pump number from the numeric keyboard and then press “OK”
  • Your card will be returned to you at this point
  • When you have finished, if you want a receipt, re-insert your card
  • Do you want a receipt?
  • Choose “Yes” or “no”. The machine will print your receipt and return your card